Things To Do In Antalya

Things To Do In Antalya

Antalya, the city located to the south of Istanbul, provides many culturally rich experiences. Right from sightseeing to spending time on the Beaches, you can find numerous things to do in Antalya. Many of the region's top sights are several hours away from the city. However, the trips include hotel pickup and drop-off; thus making travelling simple.

Visitors to Antalya can take a boat above the sunken island of Kekova which is one of the most famous things to do in Antalya. Furthermore, they can get to know for themselves why this stretch of Turkey is called the Turquoise Coast. When you visit, don't forget to hike to take in the lovely feel of Yanartas on Mount Chimaera. You can also swim in the water running towards white travertine terraces at Pamukkale Hot Springs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 150 miles from Antalya.

History explorers should go to Termessos Ancient City's Roman remains or venture just beyond the city borders to Perge, Side, Demre, Myra, and Aspendos. You can take a Jeep safari in the Taurus Mountains to unveil the widespread scenery and secret settlements. You must go on a cable car excursion up Mount Olympos offering panoramic views.

Additionally, excursions to Cappadocia will make your trip more exciting. It combines attractions like the rock-cut castle of Uchisar and the region's famed fairy chimney rock formations into one action-packed adventure. Moreover, plan out a cruise ship tour providing shore excursions for you and your family.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This one-hour-long balloon ride will offer you a chance to explore the vibrant villages and forests of the city. You will be able to enjoy the glance of the rising sunrise over the Pamukkale horizon. Moreover, you will be able to discover the beauty of the famous UNESCO site, Pamukkale.

Go on Antalya City Tour

This city tour to Antalya will help you understand the south of Turkey in a better way, located across the Mediterranean Sea. You will get to explore its majestic bays, beaches, and vacation destinations. You can also learn about its rich cultural history as well as charming city life once you book your tickets with us.

Experience Antalya Cable Car

This full-day tour offers you a chance to do all the activities in Antalya at your own convenience with a door-to-door guided tour. While admiring the picturesque view of the city's old town including Hadrian's Gate from the Roman Empire, you can enjoy a tasty traditional Turkish lunch. Moreover, from your cable car, witness the breathtaking vistas of the sea and the city and snap lots of selfies.

Go on a Day Trip to Termessos

You can get to know the extraordinary ancient Pisidian city of Termessos on this full-day tour from Antalya. Moreover, you can submerge yourself in the vibrant hilltop environment along the Taurus mountain range. You can explore the local flora and animals in Termessos National Park.

Stroll Around Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate, Antalya is the only entrance gate existing till now surrounding the harbour as well as the city. These popular gates were particularly built to commemorate Emperor Hadrian's visit. Appreciate the arch made up of highly ornamented white marble while witnessing exceptional columns.

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Take an Aspendos Tour

You can take a tour of Aspendos, the ancient Greco-Roman city established in 1000 BC. As you go past the city, you will admire its renowned Roman theatre which is preserved in the best possible way. This spectacular theatre can fit up to 7,000 people at a time making it the only theatre in the city with so much capacity.

Pay a Visit to Kaleici

Kaleiçi, Antalya's ancient core, is a lovely Mediterranean port city. You can learn about its rich history stretching back to Ancient Greece. Watch the Roman Empire completely enclosed inside the historic walls. Many of Antalya's historic sites can be discovered in the city's ancient centre.

Relax at Lara Beach

Here you can explore Antalya's two famous beaches simultaneously as they are located quite close by. You just need to travel 10 miles east from the city core to witness it. Lara Beach, also known as blue flag beach is popular for its clean beaches and pure water.

Visit Yivli Minare Mosque

Witness the grandeur of Antalya's Yivli Minare Mosque as you travel across it. This distinct attraction is considered a symbol of the Turkish city. You can learn about its rich history and unique architecture once you are here. Moreover, you can see this majestic mosque from anywhere in the city.

Get through Karain Cave

You can view the Karain cave, the earliest human habitation in Antalya. Furthermore, it is the largest cave inhabited in Turkey making it the most important tourist attraction in Turkey. You can take an hour's drive from Antalya and gather all the information about this priceless cave.

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Explore Karaalioglu Park

You may go to Karaalioglu Park situated in Antalya's Klçarslan district. This widespread attraction along a rocky seacoast is considered the city's principal park. After having fun in this recreational area, you may also visit the beach resort in Turkey. Moreover, you can appreciate a lot of amazing exotic plants here.

Get a Shower at Kursunlu Waterfalls

You can get a shower at Kursunlu Waterfalls situated in a wooded natural park. You can walk through a moss-covered rock wall toward a pristine natural pond. Once here, you can watch the gentle cascades of Kursunlu Waterfalls, seeming lonely and remote.

Duden Waterfalls

You will be amazed after seeing the stunning Duden Waterfalls, the most popular natural attraction inside Antalya. You will fall in love with its spectacular cascade formed when the Duden River flows across the rocks into the sea. Moreover, you can take a spiral staircase leading you to the cave behind the waterfalls.

Check out the Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium located inside the family entertainment complex is one of five attractions in the area. You can visit all five zones, which is one of the most famous activities in Antalya. You can get to see the Aquarium for sharks and rays, the XD Cinema Oceanside for 3D movies. and the Wild Park for reptiles. Apart from this, go to the Snow World for ice sculptures, and the Face2Face Wax Museum for selfies with celebrities.

Go to Tunektepe

You can go to Tunektepe, the 618-metre-high hill consisting of a hotel, a nightclub, an observation deck, and a revolving restaurant. On the nightclub's observation platform, you can witness the breathtaking views of Antalya's beautiful mountains, vibrant beaches, and ravines. Moreover, you can give yourself an adrenaline boost by hiking on the peak of Tunek Tepe Hill from the waterfront area.

Enjoy at Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach, which stretches west of Antalya, lies on the endpoint of the tramway line. You can feel the essence of grey yet fine sand over here. You can taste the cuisines from several restaurants and cafes nearby. You can also enjoy swimming and sunbathing across the cliffs of the Taurus Mountains.

Explore Purge

You can explore Perge which is located 18 kilometres east of Turkey. You can find huge remnants from the ancient world in this prosperous city. You can enter via the Roman Gate arch to be welcomed by an amphitheatre, the Hellenistic Gate (very well preserved), and elaborately adorned ruins of the city wall.

Visit Antalya Archeological Museum

The Antalya Museum, also known as the Antalya Archaeology Museum, is the city's most prominent and well-known museum. Discover the opportunity to see Antalya Museum, Turkey's major archaeological museum, and its unique remnants from three of the most ancient regions: Pamphylia, Lycia, and Pisidia.

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FAQs For Things To Do In Antalya

Which are the best Things To Do In Antalya with kids?

Presenting you a list of the seven best things to do in Antalya with your kids. They will surely enjoy all of these activities in Antalya, and maybe you will too!

  • Pirate Boat Experience
  • The Land of Legends Theme Park
  • Dino Park, Göynük
  • Olympos Teleferik
  • Jeep-Safari Water Fight
  • Discover Ancient Ruins
  • Stay at a Family Resort

How is the nightlife in Antalya?

If you spend your vacation in Antalya, you will have the opportunity of feeling the warmth of the region's vibrant nightlife. Evenings in Antalya are packed with lots of events and activities. Moreover, clubs, restaurants, events, live music, and late-night coffee shops are all available.

What is the best time to visit Antalya?

You can observe Mediterranean-type climate in Antalya with hot and humid summers and soothing winters. If you love soaking up some rays, the ideal time to visit Antalya is between June and September. July is the month that is the warmest, with an average daily temperature ranging from 35 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius.

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Why is Antalya Aquarium so famous?

It houses the world's longest underwater tunnel, measuring 131 metres in length. Visitors may explore the unusual underwater life of the Mediterranean and even swim with sharks in this big and translucent facility.

Is Antalya worth visiting?

Yes, Antalya refers to both the city centre and the surrounding area of eastern Mediterranean Turkey. You can enjoy Antalya entirely, from the busy ancient town and contemporary city centre to the outskirts towns of Kalkan and Alanya, thus making it worth visiting.


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