Pamukkale Tour

Pamukkale Tour

Pamukkale houses the most famous white travertine thermal pools, the most common tourist attraction since the 2nd century BC and tourists from all centuries love the Pamukkale tours from Antalya. The place will allow you to bathe in the bright pool filled with turquoise blue water is among the most significant privileges for travelers from all across the world. You can enjoy the sightseeing of an entire hill covered with the white terrace thermal pool. There are various other things which you can do in Pamukkale. The restorative waters of Pamukkale have an outstanding reputation that goes back to the Greco – Roman time when a spa town was built in South Western Turkey. You can experience the water’s curative properties along with the legendary Turkish hospitality. You can also enjoy a private tour of Pamukkale with your friends, and a local guide can also be hired for better knowledge. The exceptional calcite deposits left over from the highly mineralized hot springs create a dazzling preternatural form and a natural terrace that can be easily explored with the help of a guide. Also, the ruins of the ancient Hierapolis connect the landscapes offering a stunning backdrop for a healing bath.

Book Pamukkale Tour Online

You can book tickets to Pamukkale tours from Antalya online from us or from the official website. With online booking, you can get a free cancellation service if you wish to cancel the tickets. You can also get some fantastic discounts while booking the tickets. Also, if you have travel passes to Pamukkale, you may get further discounts. Also, if you are booking tickets online, you can save yourself from long queues and your precious time, which can be utilized in the calcium pool. With the help of cancellation policies, you can also get a refund of money which may not be possible with physical tickets.

Pamukkale Tour Package Options

Nature Wonder Pamukkale Tour from Antalya

With this tour package, you will visit the wine cellar, and after that, you will reach Pamukkale travertines. You will also get to know about the ancient story from the local guide. It will cover four different types of tour: Cleopatra pool, Pamukkale Ancient city, Hierapolis Ancient city, and Pamukkale tour. During the time, the guide will accompany you and will tell you information about travertines and ancient cities. You can enjoy swimming in the hot springs of Pamukkale.

Pamukkale Hot Springs and Hierapolis Ancient city

Relax like ancient Romans with a complete – day trip to the Hierapolis Ancient city and Pamukkale Hot Springs. On this trip, you can explore the UNESCO world heritage site with an expert’s advice. You will get a chance to walk along the streets of Hierapolis past Roman baths, a beautifully – preserved colonnade, and a basilica, and then soak in the spring waters of Pamukkale.

Salda Lake and Pamukkale Day Tour from Antalya with Meals

Unfold the fantastic beauty of nature and enjoy the sightseeing with the beautiful day tour, which promises to offer the best of both. This excursion for the entire day will take you to the infamous Salda lake, where you can spend time exploring the ‘Turkish Maldives.’ The tour includes a guide to Pamukkale, where you can stroll the areas of natural wonder and learn exciting information about Turkey's history.

Pamukkale Full-Day Guided Tour from Antalya

Explore the top attraction of Turkey comfortably and efficiently on a complete day tour from Antalya. This round trip includes transportation from the hotel, enabling you to maximize your precious holiday time. After visiting Denizli, you can enjoy a filling buffet lunch at the traditional Turkish restaurant. Later, you can splash in the magical mineral water and the travertine terrace of Pamukkale.

Why To Go For Pamukkale Tour

You can bathe in the miraculous water of the Pamukkale.- Enjoy walking on the Pamukkale plateau, as the plateau is made up of the same mineral having magical properties.- Soak yourself in Cleopatra’s pool, as it is believed that the queen of Egypt bathed in the pool.- Explore the ancient theatre of the Hierapolis, which is in incredible shape. You should not fail to miss it.- Check out the area surrounding the theatre, as the cathedral at Hierapolis has survived the test of time and is unique.- Check out the Hierapolis archaeological museum.- Enjoy a day trip from Pamukkale to the small but fantastic village of Karahayit.

Know Before You Go Pamukkale Tour

Essential Information
Tips To Visit

Duration:To cover the complete site, you need around 4 – 5 hours. You can cover all attractions during this time, mainly Cleopatra’s Pool, Hierapolis ancient city, etc.

Timings:You can visit Pamukkale from 06.30 AM to 08.00 PM in Spring, 06.30 AM to 08.30 PM in summer, and from 06.30 MA to 06.00 OM in winter.

Best Time:The best time to visit Pamukkale tours from Antalya is during Spring as the weather is normally comfortable during April and June with lots of flowers blooming. From September to October, i.e., you can also visit Pamukkale during falls, but you can experience some rain during that time.

Inclusion:- A full-day Pamukkale tour from Antalya includes- Professional guide- All handling charges, fees, and taxes- National parking fees- Pick and drop facility from the hotel- Buffet lunch

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  • Keep in mind that turning on and off the water flow is managed by conservationists, and you may not know when they will allow water to flow and when they won’t.
  • The petrified waterfall can be accessed in two ways, i.e., via the South slope and from the top of the hill, next to Hierapolis.
  • The slopes are made of the same mineral, and you are not allowed to wear shoes to preserve the natural white color.
  • You need to carry your swimsuit or the comfortable clothes of your choice to enjoy the Pamukkale tours from Antalya.
  • Make sure to book tickets in advance to avoid long queues.
  • Carry sunglasses as everything is bright.


Can we book Pamukkale Tour tickets online?

Yes, tickets for Pamukkale tours from Antalya can be quickly booked online. You need to visit Pamukkale's official website to book the tickets or you can also book from us online, where you can take advantage of discounts, cashback, free cancellation policies, 100% refund, and much more. Also, if you have any discounted coupon, tourist pass etc, then you can avail of some more discounts.

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Why is Pamukkale so famous?

Pamukkale is 100 meters in height. Water from the hot spring ranges from temperature 35°C to 100°C, and each pool is labeled for the same. You can choose the temperature as per the requirement and soak yourself in the mineral-rich water. Due to its white terrace cotton plantation, the Turkish called it cotton castle. The beautiful pools in Pamukkale are also famous for Cleopatra’s pool, as the queen is said to have swum in the pool. You can enjoy 17 hot water springs in the area. It was recognized as the most famous UNESCO world heritage site in 1988.

What can we do in Pamukkale?

  • Walk up down the travertines
  • Explore the ruins of Hierapolis
  • Admire the Hierapolis theatre
  • Explore Pamukkale antique pool
  • Checkout the Hierapolis museum
  • Discover remains of Hierapolis Christian architecture
  • Explore the Northern Necropolis
  • See the ruins of Laodikeia
  • Check out Aphrodisias
  • Enjoy hot air ballooning over the city of Pamukkale

How far is Pamukkale from Antalya?

With just a three hours ride, you can reach Pamukkale from Antalya. You can also take the bus or taxi ride to get to the place.

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