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One of the most enticing tourist attractions in Antalya because of its excellent geographic location on the Mediterranean coast. In Antalya, there are beautiful natural regions and many tourist attractions. Antalya is Turkey's leading tourism destination. It is a rare city that allows visitors to swim in the water, especially in the city's center. Historic homes and restaurants surround the center of Antalya. It is a significant tourist destination with many things to do. Beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and an excellent selection of noteworthy historical attractions are among Antalya's top attractions. The hot air balloon ride in Antalya is one such attraction.

One of the most well-known natural attractions, Pamukkale, is where we go on the Antalya hot air balloon tour. About 240 kilometers separate Antalya from Pamukkale. Pamukkale town is the nearest location to Antalya for hot air balloon rides. The spectacular hot air balloon ride over the stunningly white Pamukkale travertines will wow you. You'll have the impression that you are viewing a planet from another. The ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis can also be seen from the air. The flight of the balloon lasts around one hour. Depending on the weather, Pamukkale balloon rides from Antalya are scheduled all year round.

Why Book an Antalya Hot Air Balloon Ride From us?

Antalya hot air balloon

At Antalya Hot Air Balloon, our primary goal is to offer outstanding quality in regards to the activities and the products, with many options to select from. We want every interaction with our guests to be positive and satisfying. Although we offer free cancellation, it is only valid for 24 hours. You might also make a reservation at any time and pay whenever it's convenient for you. In terms of covid, we take additional precautions for health and safety. Make your reservations for tickets online to save time. You will also receive the service of pick-up and drop. Additionally, we provide our visitors a free tour with an expert guide who is knowledgeable about the sights.

Antalya Highlights For Hot Air Balloon

  • Take in the breathtaking sunrise vista of the Pamukkale landscapes.
  • Experience a hot air balloon ride over the renowned Pamukkale Unesco site.
  • You will have time in Pamukkale to yourself to enjoy the sights after the flight.
  • On the trip from Antalya to Pamukkale, take in the picturesque forests and rural villages.
  • Even this pales in comparison to the combination of the dawn and the beauty of Pamukkale, where the fire underneath the balloons will glow like the stars in the darkness.
  • Explore Hierapolis, an ancient city beside the field, if you enjoy knowing about culture and history.
  • There will be several surprises for you, including a champagne toast!

Know Before You Go Hot Air Balloon Antalya

Essential Info
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Antalya hot air balloon

Timings: It starts really early in the morning. You’re picked up from your hotel at 3AM in the morning.

Duration:This flight is only for one hour

Location: Zerdalilik, Selçuk Mah no:7/6, 07160 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

Inclusion:- You’ll be getting full insurance during this expedition- You’ll also be getting a toast of champaign, when you’re returning back from the flight- You’ll be accompanied by a paid pilot- You’ll be given proper instructions about safety rules to follow

Must Visit: Dolmabahce Palace Sufera Hall

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What would be the Antalya Hot Air Balloon price?

    The prices for the Antalya Hot Air Balloon starts from 99 € to 180 € . This cost depends on whether you take the transfer or not.

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