Why To Visit Antalya

Located in southern Turkey, Antalya is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, iconic landmarks, prominent attractions, and rich history. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Duden waterfalls which are located in a park surrounded by gorgeous flora and fauna. You can witness many historical monuments such as Hadrian's gate built by the Romans, the medieval Yivli Minare Mosque, and the most popular Ottoman Clock Tower with the Antalya pass. You can also visit the old town which is known to have beautiful Ottoman houses, ancient buildings, and narrow alleyways with cafes.

One of the main reasons Antalya is very popular is its beautiful sandy coastline with many beaches, among which the Konyaalti stretch, located just 5 miles from the city center is the most popular. To enjoy the authentic and mouth-watering traditional dishes of turkey, head over to its various cafes and restaurants. Antalya is also known to have the best climate in all of Turkey with warm and sunny weather almost throughout the year. Apart from natural beauty, Antalya also has amazing nightlife and shopping areas. You can visit many traditional markets to purchase souvenirs and head over to roof terrace bars, seaside dining restaurants, and large nightclubs to enjoy your evening.

Top Antalya Attractions Tickets

Get an Antalya city pass and visit iconic attractions such as Olympos cable car and get an amazing view of the Tahtali mountains from 2,365-meter-high in the sky. You can also visit the Antalya Aquarium and the Sealanya Dolphin Park where you can come face to face with many marine creatures. You can also use the Antalya pass to visit The Land of Legends Theme Park with a transfer facility and enjoy over 40 thrilling water slides and animal shows.

You can also use the Antalya attraction tickets to go on a self-guided Fairytale Game for families where you can solve riddles, tasks, and challenges with your family. The Dinopark Antalya is another theme park where you can enjoy dinosaur models, a pool, a zipline, and trampolines.

Olympos Cable Car Antalya
Olympos Cable Car Ticket
The Land of Legends Theme Park
The Land of Legends Tickets
Antalya Aquarium Entrance Ticket
Antalya Aquarium Ticket
Self-Guided Fairytale Game
Self-Guided Fairytale Game tickets
Sealanya Dolphinpark Seapark
Sealanya Dolphinpark Tickets
Dinopark Antalya
Dinopark Antalya Tickets
Sandland Antalya
Sandland Antalya Tickets

Day Tours in Antalya

Grab your Antalya Travel Pass to explore Antalya and Kemer: Phaselis Pirate Boat Tour with lunch is one of the most popular cruises where you set sail on a pirate ship and enjoy the Mediterranean waters.

With your Antalya city pass, you can go for a city tour and visit the waterfalls, cable car, and a boat ride. The boat ride will take you on a 7-hour trip and visit iconic destinations like Duden Waterfalls, and a cable car ride to Tunek Tepe among other places. One of the most popular day tour is the Antalya Cappadocia Tour With Hot Air Balloon Flight where you can witness the famous Cappadocia landscape and enjoy the scenic hot air balloon experience.

Phaselis Pirate Boat
Phaselis Pirate Boat Tour
Olympos Ancient City & Chimera Jeep Safari Tour
Olympos City Jeep Safari Tour
City Tour with Waterfalls, Cable Car and Boat Ride
City Tour, Cable Car & Boat Ride
Green Canyon Boat Ride
Green Canyon Boat Ride Tour
Antalya City Tour With Waterfalls
City Tour & Cable Car Ride
Day Trip to Demre, Myra and Kekova Boat Trip
Day Trip to Demre, Myra & Kekova
Antalya Cappadocia Tour With Hot Air Balloon Flight
Antalya Cappadocia Tour
Private Tour Perge, Aspendos Waterfall
Private Tour to Perge, Aspendos

Top Experiences Antalya

Witness the Fire of Anatolia dance with an Antalya city pass and enjoy a spectacular live show performed at the Gloria Aspendos Arena in Antalya. The famous Taurus Mountains Safari and the Quad and Buggy Safari Experience in Antalya are also very popular when it comes to having adventurous experiences. If you want to experience the nightlife of the city, you can go on a night cruise with DJ & Niks Performance Hall to Antakya and Kemar.

Antalya offers thrilling experiences such as Hot Air Balloon Tour and Rafting at Koprulu Canyon. One of the popular tours is the Antalya: Zipline, Rafting, and Canyoning Combo Tour where you can enjoy many thrilling outdoor activities and experiences.

Fire of Anatolia Dan
Fire of Anatolia Dance Show
Taurus Mountains Buggy Safari
Taurus Mountains Buggy Safari
Night Cruise With DJ & Niks Performance Hall
Night Cruise With DJ
Scuba Diving Experience in Antalya
Scuba Diving Experience in Antalya
Quad and Buggy Safari Experience in Antaly
Quad and Buggy Safari Experience
Antalya Hot Air Balloon Tour
Antalya Hot Air Balloon Tour
Zipline, Rafting, and Canyoning Combo To
Zipline & Canyoning Combo Tour
Zipline, Rafting, and Canyoning Combo To
Rafting at Koprulu Canyon Tickets

Plan Your Visit to Antalya

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 Essential Information
  • How To Reach Antalya:

1. By Air: One of the quickest ways to reach the city is by air. You can reach Istanbul and then take a domestic flight to Antalya. The Antalya airport is just 16 km away from the main city. Once you reach the airport you can take a tram or a taxi to reach the city center.

2. By Train: The nearest railway station to Antalya is Burdur which is 122 k away. You can take a train to Burdur from Istanbul and once you reach the train station, you can take a bus or a private taxi to reach Antalya.

3. By Sea: Antaya can be reached by sea with many international cruise ships docking. If you are coming from Mediterranean countries like Greece, this is one of the best options.

  • Best Time to Visit Antalya:

The best time to visit Antalya is between April to October as the weather is pleasant. You can enjoy warm weather with plenty of sunshine. This is also the best time to enjoy sunbathing at the beach and try many water activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving, and many others.

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How many days is enough to see Antalya?

    Three days should be enough to visit Antalya. You can get an Antalya sightseeing pass and visit all of the famous attractions in the city.

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